• Protect Your Business

    In order to succeed in a competitive market, a business must minimize risk to the greatest extent possible.

    With the right commercial insurance policy, you can protect your investment from any number of possible threats. Whether the damage was caused by fire or due to third-party liability, commercial insurance provides you the peace of mind you need to remain focused on running your business.

    We understand the challenges small businesses face every day. Insurance shouldn’t be one of those challenges.

    With SIG by your side, we can provide helpful guidance when you need it. Most importantly, we're committed to helping your business grow and thrive.

Commercial Property Insurance

From business proprietors to landlords, commercial real estate owners are subject to a variety of risks:

  • Fire damage
  • Vandalism
  • Water leaks 
  • Damage caused by environmental factors

These can hurt net income and may even jeopardize the existence of small businesses. Schedule a consultation today to pinpoint how best to protect your commercial real estate.

We also consult on the following types of commercial property insurance:

  • Builder's risk insurance
  • Electronics insurance
  • Machinery insurance
  • IT insurance
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Professional Liability Insurance

It's no secret that managing a business puts you at risk of a wide range of liabilities. The moment a customer sets foot on your premises, you are liable for any harm that may befall them.

A third-party liability policy can protect you from third-party claims of personal injury and property damage resulting from your business activities.

Coverage also applies to your employees, whom you are responsible for when they are at work.

We also consult on the following types of professional liability insurance:

  • Medical liability insurance
  • Product liability insurance
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Service Insurance Group

Contact our agents to see how we can ensure your commercial property is covered by the most comprehensive policy for your needs. 

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