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We help drivers find auto insurance with great coverage at an affordable price.
  • Collision Insurance

    Auto insurance includes:

    • Coverage for damages to your car after an accident
    • Personal injury protection for everyone in the car
    • Liability coverage for bodily harm or property damage
    • Comprehensive insurance coverage for theft or vandalism
    • And More
  • ATV Insurance

    Auto insurance will not cover your ATV. Many people do not realize you need a policy just for your ATV needs.

    • Accidents
    • Liability
    • Personal injury
    • Comprehensive coverage
    • Damages not caused by a collision 
  • Classic Car Insurance

    To be insured as a classic car, your car must meet the following criteria:

    • Not used as a primary vehicle
    • 15 years old or older
    • Kept in mint condition
    • Driven less than 5,000 miles per year

    The difference between auto insurance and classic car insurance is the payout, but the insurance company will pay the full replacement if your classic car is totaled.

  • RV Insurance

    Do you need full-time RV insurance or recreational insurance? We are here to provide you with the special insurance RV's require. We can get you the best policy based on your RV class and your RV lifestyle needs.

  • Motorcycle Insurance

    You must have motorcycle insurance if you live in Texas. Motorcycle policies work the same way that traditional auto insurance works. Still, it covers more than motorcycles:

    • Fast street bikes
    • Mopeds
    • Choppers
    • Segways
  • Get Auto Insurance in Henderson, TX

    For personalized auto insurance where your local agents know you by name, contact SIG to see how we can find the right auto insurance policies for your needs. Our professional insurance agents in Henderson are happy to help. Call us today.

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We provide car insurance in Henderson, TX

We can help you with your auto insurance needs, from affordable car insurance for young drivers to protecting your classic car or RV. For the best auto insurance in Henderson, TX, and the surrounding areas, speak with an agent at SIG.

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