Your home is your largest investment and deserves to be taken care of when you need it most. At SIG, we strive to ensure your dearest investments, including your family and home, are fully covered.
  • Homeowners Insurance in Henderson, TX

    We strive to provide you and your family with the coverage you need. Sometimes, saving a buck is not always in your best interest. Basic homeowners insurance in Texas covers your home and items like clothing, appliances, and furniture.

    At SIG, you can rest assured you are covered when you need it most. We'll save you money and the panic that hits when you discover you are underinsured because you are underinsured.

  • Personal Property Insurance in Henderson, TX

    Homeowner's policies are not created equally.

    Your homeowner's insurance policy covers some of your personal property even if those items are not in your home.

Possible coverages that might surprise you…

If your laptop is stolen from your car when someone broke into it, your homeowner's policy might cover it.

Your homeowner's policy may also cover patios, gazebos, and sheds.

Some policies now cover identity theft by reimbursing the cost of fixing your credit reports and restoring your credit.

Although most policies have a dollar limit, they will pay for valuable items like art, engagement rings, professional cameras, and other items that may not be covered under your homeowner's policy.

On the bright side, you can add valuable personal property insurance to your plan for just a few dollars a month. Speak to one of our agents to learn more about this coverage.

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Umbrella Liability Insurance

These policies give you extra protection if you face a potential lawsuit for damages to another's property and/or injuries from an accident. Umbrella policies go beyond the limits of your homeowner's, auto, personal property, and other vehicle policies.

Contact our agents to see how we can ensure your family is covered by the homeowner, personal property, or umbrella possibility that is best for you.

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